Safety Presentations

Personal Safety/Situational Awareness – Some people are easy victims. This presentation will break down the basics of victimology. How and why do people become victims? What is the difference between paranoia and preparation? What can I do when I travel to stay safe? What can I do when I shop to stay safe?

Workplace Violence, Prevention and Survival – Workplace violence is on the rise. Most people spend 8-10 hours a day in the workplace. This presentation will explore the psychology behind violence and use it to prepare you to respond and keep you (and your family) safe. This course explains the difference between idle and legitimate threats. In addition, we will discuss what can be done to mitigate and prevent violent incidents from occurring in the workplace. Case studies of previous incidents will be presented to articulate the principals presented.

Response to Active Violence These incidents capture national headlines monthly if not weekly. People used to say, “I never thought it would happen here.” Those words aren’t said anymore. Many of these incidents are preventable, even more are avoidable.

Teen SafetyThere are many dangers growing up today that parents never had to face as teens. Technology can help keep your child safe, but can also be used to jeopardize their safety. Topics covered will include Bullying, Internet Safety, Sexting, marijuana, trending drug concerns, shoplifting, teen crime, your civil rights and what to do when stopped by the police. This course can be presented in three formats, students only, parents only or a hybrid of both.

Tier One - $3,000 / $5,000
  • Initial Consultation
  • Staff Training – Situational Awareness
  • Vulnerability Assessment (All Hazards)
  • Identify key vulnerabilities
  • Deliver Basic Recommendations
  • 4-6 site visits/30-60 day time frame
Tier Three - $15,000 / $25,000
  • Select & Develop Crisis Mgmt Team
  • Table Top Exercise Design & Execution
  • Individual Employee Group Training
  • Law Enforcement Liaison/Coordination
  • 6-12 mos. time frame
Tier Two - $6,000 / $12,000
  • Prioritize and Facilitate Improvement Plan
  • Initial Staff Training – WP Violence
  • Review/Update of Existing Emergency Plans
  • Security Force Assessment/Improvement Plan
  • Staff Training – Active Shooter Prevention Strategies
  • 8-10 site visits/3-6 month time frame
Tier Four - $25,000 +
  • Initial Consultation
  • Full Scale Exercise Design and Execution
  • Develop Crisis Communication Plan
  • Advise on Structural Mitigation Improvements
  • Long Term Retainer- “Partnership”
  • Annual contract with 24/7 availability

On-Point-Logo-Icon-Web Presentations Available – $249 / $1,000

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