Dan Murphy

Get To Know Me

As a community based police officer he conducted hundreds of security surveys based on his Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) training. Many Fortune 500 companies benefitted from these services including Sughrue Mion, Rand Corporation, Boeing, DARPA, FDIC, US Army, US State Department, National Reconnaissance Office, Beacon Capital, Arlington County Public Schools, Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

For five years (1996-2001), Dan served as a School Resource Officer. His training and experience in this area includes Threat Assessment, Protection of Soft Targets and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. He was instrumental in achieving key milestones in developing the local school systems emergency preparedness. Dan worked with the principals and key stakeholders using the plan development process to create functional and effective Crisis Management Teams.

In 2003, after returning from Iraq Dan was put in charge of the Active Shooter Training Program. It was then he began a dedicated personal research effort into Active Shooter incidents and response strategies for first responders. As a member of the SWAT Team his tactical background was instrumental in developing a realistic and challenging training program. As his expertise grew, outside agencies requested his participation and instruction at the local, national and international level. During his eighteen years on the SWAT Team he served as a Team Leader and Lead Explosive Breacher.

From 2006-2014 Dan performed duties as a uniformed police supervisor, first as a Sergeant and then as a Lieutenant (Patrol Commander). During this time he responded to thousands of in-progress emergency incidents requiring rapid decision making and prioritization of tasks to save lives.

Over a period of 4-5 years Dan wrote and coordinated numerous full-scale exercises with an active shooter nexus. Through gap analysis of these progressive exercises he gleaned a level of subject matter expertise that was invaluable in preparing for incidents of this nature. During this same time frame Dan’s agency began an aggressive training program preparing for high risk incidents. Dan was tasked with training 170 patrol personnel for high risk incidents. His two year training plan changed the training climate and paradigm of the entire agency. Training programs like “Assault on the Badge” and “PACOPS” were effectively administered to address violent trends in law enforcement.

Working with Fire and EMS leaders during the After Action Review of the first full-scale exercise, Dan and five others invented a response protocol known as Rescue Task Force. This concept, implemented in 2008 in Arlington County, is currently being fielded around the country and other parts of the world. Dan has worked with/presented to every federal agency on the topic of Active Shooter Incident Response. In addition he has worked with numerous local, state and federal entities in curriculum development for training courses.

Dan is recognized internationally as a subject matter expert on the topic of Active Shooter History and Response. He began research on active shooter incidents in 2003 and passionately pursues that endeavor today through his work at On Point International. He has taught thousands of emergency responders, local state and federal, in the US and internationally. He has taught international students from South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Jordan, Bahamas, Mauritania, Mali and Indonesia.

In 2013, at the insistence of his brother and a close friend in the insurance industry, Dan started his own consulting company. Realizing that many private schools, businesses, hospitals and churches do not have sufficient resources to adequately plan and prepare for emergencies. On Point international was created specifically for that purpose, increasing safety and security through emergency preparedness.

Dan completed his BA in Emergency and Disaster Management. His training includes NIMS Incident Command Levels 100,200,300, 700 & 800. In addition he has completed Homeland Security Courses Protecting Soft Targets and Critical Employee Emergency Planning.

In 2005 Dan retired from the US Army Reserves as a Command Sergeant Major, serving a total of 23 years, 12 on active duty, with one tour in Iraq. He is married to his wife Shannon (16 years) and has two daughters.