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Improved Decision Making

All of us can think back to when we were doing something for the first time. Not knowing what to expect creates a nervousness and anxiety. Depending on the level of risk or consequence, your performance can be significantly affected. Now consider, after ten to twelve repetitions, how your performance improves. You become relaxed and smoother in your response. Professional athletes reach a level called “unconscious competence”. When asked what they were thinking when they sank the three-point shot at the buzzer, they respond “I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

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Active Shooters: Why do they do it?

I’ve reviewed over 400 incidents that loosely meet the criteria of what most people consider an Active Shooter. I’ve presented or taught on the topic for over thirteen years. One of the most frequent questions I get is “Why do they do it?” The simple answer is they’re mentally ill. This will offend many of the families of the mass killers…so be offended. What kind of person (in their right mind) wakes up one morning and goes about preparing to kill 25 total strangers? I am not inferring the decision was made that morning. None of them “snap” and go into a violent rage. No, almost all of them prepared for some time for what they did.

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