About Us

How the Company Started

In 2013, at the insistence of his brother and a close friend in the insurance industry, Dan started his own consulting company, Murchadha Consulting. He did subcontracting jobs for the federal government teaching domestically and overseas. The two primary areas were in law enforcement tactics and Response to Active Shooter Incidents. In addition to updating the curriculum, courses were delivered in Columbia, Brazil, Mali, Mauritania and the Bahamas.

Active Shooter Update and Analysis Training was delivered in Seneca NY at the New York Tactical Officers Association Annual Training Conference in April 2014. In addition, the Response to Active Shooter Incidents pilot course was delivered in the Bahamas.

In 2014 a consulting contract was delivered with a large patent law firm in Washington DC. This five month contract culminated with a full scale drill that was highly successful. Three floors (270 employees) of a high-rise building were evacuated in four minutes and 100% accountability was achieved in less than eight minutes.

In early 2015 Dan completed his BA in Emergency and Disaster Management. Dan performed duties as the Lead Instructor for Response to Active Shooter Incidents in the country of Mali, Africa.

In early 2016 the company was re branded (On Point International) and slightly redirected its mission toward the private sector focusing on providing emergency planning and consulting services to private schools, businesses and churches. Realizing that many private schools, businesses, hospitals and churches do not have sufficient resources to adequately plan and prepare for emergencies. On Point international was created specifically for that purpose, increasing safety and security through emergency preparedness.